Sussex Floor Care Limited

Dog Urine Removal


We perform a specialist stain removal service which cleans the carpet, underlay and sub-floor without lifting the carpet. This service is predominantly for stains such as blood, urine, large tea/coffee spills.

These issues are different from conventional stains. The main difference being is that the above examples will penetrate through the carpet, to the backing and sometimes the subfloor.

This means that if a standard method of removal is attempted then it will just be the face fibers that look good but the underlay will still be contaminated which can cause odour issues amongst others as time goes by.

We are able to effectively solve the issue above by flooding a small area at a time, in a controlled manner and then extracting the contaminants out. All achieved without having to lift the carpet up which would normally add considerable time to the job and in some cases being more viable to replace the carpet.

One consideration to have is that although the contamination will be removed and left in a clean and fresh state, sometimes the offending stain can cause permanent fiber damage on contact. An example would be cat urine on an unprotected wool carpet that has been left untreated for many years.

Every stain is different and the vast majority of stains are treated successfully. Any limitations would be made clear on the survey which would have to be accepted before any work is undertaken.

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