Professional Stone Floor Cleaner

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Sussex Floor Care’s own brand powerful floor restorer and maintainer which removes stubborn dirt, grease, and more!

This lasts considerably longer than shop brought cleaners- a 500ml bottle will last around six months!

We are confident you’ll love this. So if you’re not absolutely satisfied, we’ll fully refund you, no quibble!

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Sussex Floor Care’s own brand of premium-grade stone tile and safety floor cleaner is compatible with all stone and tile floors that have been restored by us.

This is one of the products we use during the restoration process.

This dilutes at an impressive 1:200 (2ML per litre!) making it economical in use. Our cleaner is a unique and highly effective detergent-free cleaner that removes heavy contamination and soil residues.

Safely removes oil, grease, fats, smoke, soot, nicotine, cooking deposits, light alkaline lime deposits, etc. from all porous and semi-porous hard floor surfaces such as stone, tile and safety flooring.

You can use in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, on clay tiles, grout, marble, slate, granite, terrazzo, flagstones, ultra safety & non-slip safety flooring, etc.

Safe effective, easy to use and it delivers exceptional results. Our floor maintainer does not contain any caustics, hazardous acids, enzymes, bacteria, butyls, alkaline builders, detergents, hypochlorite, oxidisers, reducers, caustics or volatile solvents.

How to use: 

  • Weekly Maintenance/ Light Soiling: 5ml to 10ml concentrate  per   5  litres  of  water
  • Restoration clean: 50 – 150ml of concentrate to  5  litres of water.


This product can be strengthened to a maximum of 100ml per one litre of water for extremely filthy conditions. Always test in an inconspicuous area before using this product- look for a loss of shine or damage to any sealer or topical finish, make sure the floor is fully dry before making your judgement.

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2 Litre, 20 Litre, 5 Litre, 500ml

2 reviews for Professional Stone Floor Cleaner

  1. Ruby Miles

    They did our limestone floor at our shop. They recommended this for the upkeep and it works very well. I have got our cleaners using it on other flooring around the shop and it lasts ages.

  2. Carrie Gupta

    I tried this for the first time on my kitchen tiles and grout and it looks amazing. I phoned up and spoke to them for advice after I brought it and they were really helpful and talked me through how to get good results. Amazing thank you. . Don’t normally write reviews but SO pleased

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