How long do the carpets and upholstery take to dry?

Drying times will depend on multiple different factors: the amount of soiling on the carpet or upholstery, the fibre construction of the carpet or upholstery, the depth of the pile and the ambient temperature and humidity inside the property, just to be critical.

Our latest, efficient machines and tools have tremendous air flow to effortlessly remove large amounts of moisture, so your carpets and upholstery should dry rapidly.

Don’t worry, we will give you much more precise drying times when we initially visit you.

Typical drying times-

Carpets- 1-4 Hours.
Upholstery- 1-6 Hours.

Will my carpets get dirtier quicker, after cleaning?

No. This will be an issue if your carpet cleaner uses ‘in tank’ detergents. These can leave a residue that promotes premature re-soiling. In-tank detergents are never used in our cleaning process. This means your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Are the products you use, safe for children and pets?

Yes, absolutely. All of our products are non-toxic and bio-degradable. Safe for children and pets.

Why would I want to use your services, when I can hire a well-known carpet cleaner from selected major supermarkets at a fraction of the cost?

Most of us are aware of the widely available D.I.Y carpet cleaning machines that you are able to pick up from some supermarkets and hire shops.

A few of the major, common drawbacks are as follows-

  • Visual results- They can be disappointing, the main contributing factors being that the machines and pre-conditioners that are sold with the machine are not of a good enough standard to break down soils, stains, and contaminants, in addition to this, the likelihood of the client having the professional set-up to pre-prepare the carpet before using the machine for extraction, is unlikely. (Commercial grade vacuum, professional products, professional agitation machinery and advanced stain removal techniques etc, which we have)
  • Invisible results- Yes, you read right. So, the invisible results. Most of us will assume that if the dirt is gone and it looks half decent, then it must be free from bacteria, viruses and all the other nasties that are normally found in a soiled carpet? No. To be blunt.  The detergents that are marketed with the machine, do not sanitize the carpet. It is common for a product to be marketed as removing odors when actually all the product is doing is masking the smell, which may return over time. Finally, it is the responsibility to the previous owner to clean out the machine after use but from the feedback I have read, this is not enforced as well as it should be. In a nutshell, after Mrs. Smith, 10 miles away has cleaned up a fresh vomit and urine stain from her carpet, then quickly rinsed the machine out and delivered it back, within 24 hours you could then be pushing the same machine around your carpets, effectively spreading anything around your home. We ALWAYS clean and sanitize our machines and equipment after every job.
  • Drying times- Not acceptable. The machines for one are simply not powerful to rinse the carpet and extract all the detergent, soils and contaminants out, oh, plus the water that has been flooded into the carpet. This then leads onto the next problem, dependant on the construction of the carpet, it can cause damage from overwetting, which could result in having to replace the carpet in extreme cases, in addition to that, if the detergent is not completely extracted from the carpet, it will become dirtier quicker, this is because the detergent will leave a residue on the carpet. Our drying times are phenomenal, this is due to having the best training and experience in pre-preparing and then extracting from the carpet in addition to this, our machines are incredibly powerful, with great airflow which is a contributing factor to the drying times.
  • Chemicals- This has already been briefly touched upon previously but just to summarise. The products that are used, are of an inferior quality when compared to products that professionals use, there is no comparison in regards to cleaning effectiveness, operator safety, environmental impact, and the stain removal range. The spot and stain ‘removers’ sold with the hire machines or indeed any stain ‘remover’ that can be brought in supermarkets, can cause damage to the carpet fibers if not used correctly as many of them contain bleaching agents to bleach the stain, rather than remove it which can cause irreversible damage on some carpets. We have multiple products which we employ to give excellent cleaning and stain removal results, the decision on what pre-conditioners to use depends on various variables which are covered in the step by the step cleaning process. In the vast majority of cases, we will always use products that are friendly to the environment.
  • Training-  When you collect the hire machine, you may be given some basic information on the workings of the machine, which afterward you are left to get on with it. Sussex Floor Care Limited is approved by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) We have undertaken extensive training within the industry and still do on a regular basis to keep up to date with the latest processes. This combined with experience within the industry, gives an invaluable combination when coming to cleaning your carpets.
  • Hassle-  In addition to the above, you will be responsible for collecting the machine, preparing the carpet for cleaning, moving all furniture, cleaning the carpets, emptying the machine every five minutes, cleaning the machine out at the end and then taking it back. We take all of that inconvenience away from you and instead, replace it with our cleaning system which does not employ any of the characteristics of a hire machine or process. You can be sure that you are receiving a premium quality carpet clean.  Dealing with us is refreshingly straightforward. Look at our cleaning process by clicking here.

Do I need to move furniture for you?

No. Don’t worry about moving items of furniture, we have equipment that will aid us to move heavy objects, for example, sofas and beds.

Obviously, everyone’s homes and workplaces are different, so logistics and the working area will sometimes limit what we can move and sometimes we won’t be able to, however, we would go over with this you beforehand.  All we ask is that you move small or breakable items out of where we are going to be working.

Are you a franchise?


What payment methods do you accept?

Payment is due on completion and no credit terms are given unless agreed prior to works being carried out.

We accept the following:

  • BACS
  • Cash
  • Credit & Debit Card in person via a secure card terminal in person and online.
  • Cheque

What if I have any questions?

Not a problem. Get in touch with us by clicking the link below and we will be more than happy to resolve any queries.

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