Emergency Stain Removal

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Anyone’s worst nightmare is staining their beloved carpets or upholstery. We deal with all types of emergency stains, ranging from a cup of coffee or red wine going over to blood and bodily fluids.

The sooner you call us in, the quicker we can help restore your carpet or upholstery, in addition to this, in general, the likelihood of being able to remove stains declines the longer the stain is left.

To prepare yourself for us-

  • Dependant on the nature and origin of the stain, remove any excess from the surface of the carpet or upholstery.
  • Blot any excess up with a dry, clean WHITE cloth or WHITE towel.
  • Do not apply any DIY treatments, such as ‘Vanish’, ‘1001’ or washing up liquid.
  • Never use hot water.
  • Never scrub the stain.

If you have our own brand spotter-  Sussex Floor Care Limited

As above, but now you should set the sprayer to the ‘spray’ function via the blue tip on the nozzle. Spray some of the spot and stain remover onto the stain, then blot the after a few seconds (timing is not critical) Obviously dependant on the size of the stain it will vary how much you apply but there is no need to overwet or give long dwell times, it will make no difference.

We use the best industrial machinery, professional products at our disposal and techniques currently available, to give your carpets and upholstery the best possible chance of revival.

We use the very finest eco-friendly products which are safe for humans and animals and we do not use cheap products or machinery. We give our clients a great VALUE, professional service. Remember… buy cheap, buy twice.


We clean to standards laid down by the British Standards Institute- PAS 86:2008


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